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Terms of Trade

In order for your experience with Japan Auto Auctions to go as smoothly as possible we have set up the following guidelines and terms of trading. If there is anything you are unsure of please contact us.

1. Before you bid
A deposit of ¥100,000 Yen or 10% of the expected vehicle price (whichever amount is greater ) has to have been deposited with us.

2. Placing bids at Japan Auto Auctions
Review the vehicle data and place bids.
We will confirm all bids by email or phone.

If you wish to change or cancel your bid after you have placed it CALL us immediately. Do NOT email as there can be delays.
CALL. We may have already bought the vehicle so please do not place bids lightly. Mistakes can be expensive.

General Information Concerning Bidding
Once you have searched and selected a vehicle you will see a starting price highlighted in BLUE. (either on the search results or on the car info page).

The starting price GIVES NO INDICATION OF WHAT THE CAR WILL SELL FOR! It is merely a starting price. Cars that begin at 0 may sell for 1.000.000 yen and cars that begin at 300,000 may sell for 400,000 (although usually not!) The only thing you can know from the start price is that it won't sell for any cheaper than that!

3. At the auction
The vehicles are inspected against the condition report issued by the auction. If we have any doubts about the condition of the vehicle we will not bid. We will also arrange personal inspection by qualified inspectors. Cars that meet our approval will be bid on.

4. After the auction
If your bid is successful, the results are emailed to you along with the FOB or C&F fees associated with it. If insurance for freight is also required please contact us as it is not included as standard.

If unsuccessful, the results of the auction are forwarded to you for review.

Successful purchases are transported to the Port. Data entry of all details and photographs are loaded onto the internet and viewable in the customers account. (Your Account) This is located on a secure server for your privacy and protection. You cannot login here until after a successful purchase.
Vehicles are shipped approximately 14-30 days after purchase depending on shipping schedules and documentation.

5. Payment
Payment. 100% Prior to shipping Please.

Concerning our fee:
Standard fee for dealers is 70,000 yen plus 5% of vehicle cost, minimum fee of 85,000 yen. Eg. a 500,000 yen vehicle would have a fee of 95,000 yen (70,000 plus 25,000)

Extra costs:
There is one situation where extra costs will be calculated and removed from the bid price. ie. you won't pay more than you bid. We will just bid less, unless you instruct us it's OK to go over by Y15,000 or so.

Distant auctions. To get the bargains and variety we list vehicles from many distant auctions. 5000 yen internal freight is included in our fee but sometimes the internal freight from these auctions is more.

6. Your countries import & registration restrictions
We assume that the buyer knows what can and cannot be imported to the destination country. We will not bear responsibility for cars purchased if the buyer does not inform us before bidding of what restrictions are on vehicle importing. When bidding please enter relevant info into the Comments box (eg. Must be less than 3 years old, must have airbag etc.) for anything that is not obvious.

We assume that buyers are familiar with the regulations concerning import approval and compliance for their own countries. As such, the responsibility to comply and register the car is entirely the buyers. We will deal with everything in the export process until the vehicle is landed in your country.

Customs, compliance, tax, duty, registration is entirely the buyers responsibility so please make sure you are familiar with all the regulations governing car importing into your nation.

7. Glossary of Terms

C&F (Cost/Freight)
This term contains the following:
A. Price of the Vehicle
B. Japan-side procedure costs (in-land transportation, customs &
shipping procedure, documentation etc.)
C. Ocean freight to your country.

CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)
The same as C&F but includes insurance

FOB (Free On Board) (Most common terms quoted.)
With FOB the customer is responsible for payment of the ocean freight to the destination port shipping agent. This largely depends on the shipping agent & destination ports. This term only includes the following:
A. Price of the vehicle
B. Japan-side procedure costs (in-land transportation, customs &
shipping procedure, documentation etc.)

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